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Welcome to Lady Margaret Hall

Lady Margaret Hall is pleased to offer short academic programmes in the Summer of 2018. The College is very friendly and welcoming and is in a beautiful and quiet part of Oxford. Participants will experience everyday life in an Oxford College, staying in student rooms and eating meals in our magnificent dining hall.

Foundations of Western Culture

Humanities Programme
1st August to 14th August 2018

Students will be introduced to cultural factors which have shaped Europe, from its roots in the Roman Empire to contemporary culture. The course will examine how change and upheaval in western society inspired art and literature that still resonates with people today. Students will discuss how ideas and stories from the past affect responses to some modern challenges, such as Brexit. Students will move towards a deeper understanding of the roots of western culture and its continuing influence today.

Applications of Innovation

Science & Technology Programme
15th August to 28th August 2018

Students will investigate the opportunities and threats arising from innovation in areas such as big data, 3-D printing, automation and artificial intelligence. The course will consider how industry and technology interact with consumer demand and consider the challenges of creating global sustainable development. Students will gain an insight into current trends, where they might be leading and how to innovate to realise opportunities in their own fields.


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