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Welcome to LMH

Our short academic programmes for 2018 have been specifically designed for international students already studying at degree level. The programmes are delivered over the course of two weeks with 7 full day academic sessions, plus a one-day conference for participants to give short presentations on how the ideas covered in the modules may be applied in contexts that particularly interest them. LMH is responsible for all content and assessment for the Humanities Programme and is working in partnership with the Oxford International Study Abroad Programme to provide input to the content and assessment of the Science and Technology Programme.

Information on International Programmes

Further information about what is included in the programmes is available here.

If you are interested in applying to one of our short academic courses please use our Application Form

The full terms and conditions under which these programmes are offered is also available to download.

We are happy to answer further questions about the programmes, and the arrangements that students need to make. Please contact Vivian Jia at Oxford International Study Abroad Programmes via email address vivian.jia@oxfordinternational.org  Vivian is based in Beijing and Shanghai and is able to answer questions in English and Chinese.


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