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What makes LMH special

Lady Margaret Hall was founded in 1878 to change Oxford University and to change the world as it was then. LMH made it possible for women to study at Oxford for the first time, with all that meant both for intellectual development and access to new career opportunities. Today the College is a beautiful and spacious place, and a vibrant academic community. The College's facilities are available for conferences, meetings, functions and events, from hybrid conferences in our neo-classical lecture theatre to banquets in our splendid Dining Hall. We have a real commitment to customer service, and offer a full event management service including providing support for hybrid conferences.

An ideal thinking space

LMH is a great venue for productive conferences and meetings. All our rooms have windows that let in fresh air and natural light. Our lovely gardens are just a step away, so it's easy to take a break and get some exercise outside. At LMH people can enjoy meeting up and thinking and working together.

Venue for hybrid conferences

At LMH we can live stream your conference from our elegant lecture theatre, and manage the mobile and web based app that connects in-person and remote delegates. If you want a cohesive hybrid conference that involves all your delegates, then LMH is the perfect venue to provide the personal touch.

A fresh approach

We pride ourselves on our friendly, helpful service. We like to try new ideas and to be as flexible as possible in meeting your needs. If you're thinking of trying something a bit different with your event, or just wanting to mix up our menus to your taste, then contact us today.

A tailored experience

Our rooms and buildings all have their own distinctive character, and the College gardens provide abundant space. So we can create an event with the setting, ambience, and flow that you want - whether that's a dedicated building for meeting, eating and sleeping or an event that expands over our entire environment.

Space to breathe

The LMH gardens wrap around the buildings, creating hidden corners to explore and meandering walkways all the way to the River Cherwell. Tucked away in tranquil North Oxford, this a place where you can relax, try punting, tennis and croquet or walk into Oxford via the leafy University Parks.

Contemporary dining

LMH provides the traditional backdrop of an Oxford College, but the fresh, light and international cuisine of today.


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